About us

Our company : MOTA

MOTA, also known as MOTA Cooling System, is a designer, manufacturer and seller of dedicated cooling systems for the most demanding applications.

MOTA is leader on the marine engine and transmission cooling. These dedicated parts are only sold in our direct customers networks, this is why none of them is available on MOTA Recreational website.

We are based near Marseilles, in southern France.

MOTA Recreational: a MOTA brand

MOTA Recreational distributes MOTA developed coolers that were designed specifically for the recreational marine vehicles and pleasure boats as well as all associated spare parts.

The MOTA Recreational range of products are designed and manufactured according to the same standards and with the same industrial tools as the specific MOTA products that make our reputation today, so they share the following qualities:

  • High quality products
  • Flawless reliability
  • Optimized performance

225 Avenue du Douard - Aubagne - www.motacoolingsystem.com